What Drives Winning – It’s About Character

Brett Ledbetter talk at TEDx GatewayArch summarizes the findings of interviews with 15 top basketball coaches. Between these coaches they have 8,700 wins, 200 conference championships, and 21 national championships. Watch this 6 minutes and 25 seconds talk now.

Results come from the process and the process comes from character. To achieve better results (outcome goals) focus you efforts on the process (process goals). Your ability to execute the process is based on your character. Character drives the process which drives the results.

Brett wants you understand what is meant by character. Character is made up of two things: performance skills and moral skills. Notice the deliberate use of the terms skills rather than traits. Skills can be learned and developed where traits sounds fixed.


Performance character skills govern your relationship with yourself. Theses are the things that will get you up early to work on your skills by yourself just to get better.

Moral character skills govern your relationships with others. Things that make you a great teammate and a great friend.

Here is the list of character skills these top coaches value most.

Character Skills
Performance Skills
Moral Skills
Hard Working Unselfish
Competitive Honest
Positive Respectful
Focused Appreciative
Accountable Humble
Resilient Loyal
Confident Trustworthy
Energetic Encouraging
Disciplined Socially Aware
Motivated Caring

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